[CentOS] Clustering

Drew drew.kay at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 14:03:53 UTC 2010

> Thanks for the info. Looks like VM would be the way to go. I have been
> looking at Vmware and virtualbox. Would you recommend Vmware over
> virtualbox?

> Whats your thoughts on Vmware server over esxi?
> Really do not want to have to budget for Virtualization if I do not have to.

I know some will disagree with me but for production I recommend
sticking with VMware's ESXi product, which is free, unless you have
need of some of the more advanced features which are available through
paid options.

The downside of offerings like Virtualbox or VMware Server, where the
guest OS is hosted inside the app running on a full blown OS, is the
host itself. In my experience, the smaller footprint of VMware ESX(i)
reduces the amount of maintenance required as well as has minimal
performance impact of the guest OS's.

That said, apps like Virtualbox / WMware server do have their place.
At work I routinely create virtual machines under WMware Server to
experiment with new software before releasing it into the wild at
work. The cost overhead of running Server on my own workstation is
acceptable for testing but I wouldn't consider it for production.


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