[CentOS] Launch many scripts with reboot

Georghy fusco at wanagain.net
Thu Feb 11 11:07:49 UTC 2010

John Doe a écrit :
> From: Georghy <fusco at wanagain.net>
>> I want to know how can I launch many script with reboot beetween each script
>> ie : I launch script1 at start up then the system reboot and launch 
>> script2 then ...
> Simple way would be to have a script that reads a file with a script on each line.
> If the file is not empty, it would read the first line, execute the script corresponding to that line, remove that line from the file and reboot.
> Rinse and repeat until the file is empty...
> JD
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How do I launch a custom script at the startup?
for exemple my script installation-script
launch script 1, write in a file "prog" "script1 OK" then reboot
at startup, the system relaunch installation-script,
installation-script read the file "prog" an count 1 line
so the script launch script2 ...

Thank you so much

Cordialement, / Greetings,
Georghy FUSCO

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