[CentOS] Load Balancer (heartbeat, ldirectord, ipvsadm) + Apache Problem

Roberto HT htdocs.beto at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 08:29:04 UTC 2010


I'm having this problem with load balancer.
I already setup the load balancer and two servers behind it with this kind
of topology

request -> DIRECTOR -- Server 1
                                     Server 2

DIRECTOR's (RHEL 5) Virtual IP =
Server 1's (RHEL 4.4) Virtual IP =
Server 2's (CentOS 5.3) Virtual IP =

The problem is when I try to hit the, it sometimes give me a
HTTP 200 and sometimes it will timed out. I hit it using lynx -dump. It
should return "Hello world!" if success.

But if we hit it directly to and, it will
return HTTP 200 which means no error and no timeout. Since the Server 1 is
the same as Server 2 in configuration, are there somethings I missed here?

Another information is that I set the director using round robin algorithm,
so everytime a successful hit returned from server 1, the next one is surely
heading to Server 2 right? Based on the Apache's access log, I also knew
that the timed out occured when it is the Server 2's turn to handle the

Aside from the same httpd.conf and the same httpd version are there any
things in the system level, kernel level that should be the same between
those two servers?

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