[CentOS] HP Proliant ML150 : how do I access disks ?

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Wed Feb 17 13:38:04 UTC 2010

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> thus Niki Kovacs spake:
>> Hi,
>> Up until now, I've only installed Linux either on "desktop" hardware, 
>> meaning one of the desktop PCs in the LAN acted as a server machine for 
>> the network, or I rented some dedicated server somewhere in a datacenter.
>> Last week I bought some server hardware, a used HP Proliant ML150. It's 
>> the first time I am dealing with this sort of hardware. The hardware was 
>> sold "as is", without any warranty.
>> When I open the front cache, there are six small "drawers", and the 
>> bottom two of them each contain a 72 GB hard disk.
>> I inserted a CentOS 5.4 install CD (1 of 6), and the installer (linux 
>> text) booted correctly. But when it comes to partitioning, it "sees" no 
>> disk.
> You most probably need a driver disk; searching for the model and 'RHEL
> driver' tells me that you need a "Driver Diskette for HP ProLiant Smart
> Array Controller", which you can get at hp.com.

Rather, you must first create an array of the disks included (if it's a
brand new server).


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