[CentOS] HP Proliant ML150 : how do I access disks ?

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Wed Feb 17 22:26:03 UTC 2010

Fernando Gleiser a écrit :

> And yes, first build the array from within the smatarray utility, then you can install centos. 
> I've installed centos, rhel and fedora on 100s of MLs and DLs without any problems

I'm sorry but I can't seem to find that "Smart Array" utility. The 
machine I have was shipped "as is", with some loose disks, no apparent 
system on it, and it came without any CD or handbook. And the HP site 
isn't exactly helpful for that. Officially this hardware supports RHEL3 
and RHEL4, and that's it. Looks like there's no way to install CentOS5 
on it (correct me if I'm wrong).

Plus, I admit I'm lost in the sheer myriad of options in the various 
boot configuration tools (bios, scsi configurator). So far I haven't 
managed to have any disk recognized, and what puzzles me is that there 
isn't the slightest mention of a disk in the bios.


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