[CentOS] unattended fsck on reboot

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Thu Feb 18 00:13:42 UTC 2010

Rudi Ahlers wrote:

> Is it "absolutely" necessary to run this on servers? Especially since they
> don't reboot often, but when they do it takes ages for fsck to finish -
> which on web servers causes extra unwanted downtime.
> Or is there a way to run fsck with the server running? I know it's a bad
> idea, but is there any way to run it, without causing too much downtime? I
> just had one server run fsck for 2+ hours, which is not really feasible in
> our line of business.

For me at least on my SAN volumes I disable the fsck check after X
number of days or X number of mounts. Of all the times over the years
where I have seen this fsck triggered by those I have never, ever seen
it detect any problems.

I don't bother changing the setting for local disks as it is usually
pretty quick to scan them. You must have a pretty big and/or slow
file system for fsck to take 2+ hours.


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