[CentOS] best practice: how to setup a central "network installation server"?

Rudi Ahlers Rudi at SoftDux.com
Thu Feb 18 09:00:18 UTC 2010


I want to setup a central installation server, but haven't done this before,
so I want to find out what would be best practices for this?

The server I have already runs as a central repo, which is updated from one
or our local centos mirrors, and the other CentOS servers (both i386 & x64),
as well as CentOS VPS's get their updates from this server.

But, now I want to allow a client to perform a quick network installation,
using either a netbood CD, or preferably with the server's network bootrom.
I understand this can be done with bootp, or am I on the wrong track?

the server is a general file server and also acts as our in-office internet
gateway, and has Webmin installed for convenience sake. I don't know if this
is of any use?

Generally we would be (re)installing CentOS servers & desktops, but I guess
it could be useful for other distro's like Fedora Core / Debian / FreeBSD? /
etc. What would be a good option to go for, or could someone point me to a
good documentation? Doing a google search I found a lot of instructions on
how to perform a network installation on the client PC's, but not how to
configure the server. Maybe I used the wrong key words?

Kind Regards
Rudi Ahlers

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