[CentOS] Resizing a PV that belongs within a Volume Group?

Eric B. ebenze at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 18 21:11:26 UTC 2010


I was wondering if there was a way to extend (ie: grow) a PV that is part of
a Volume Group?  I currently have a partition on my HD that is being used as
a PV for my Volume Group, but would like to make it larger.  I have the
space on my drive to extend my partition, but using standard tools (ex:
gparted, Partition Magic, etc) would likely end up corrupting the data on in
the Logical Volumes that are housed within the VG.

I realize that I could just create a new partition on my HD and just add it
to my Volume Group and extend my Volume Group, however, given that it would
be two contiguous partitions on the HD, I was just wondering if there was a
way of resizing the original partition within the VG without causing any

I tried looking at tools like pvresize but I can't seem to understand the 
right arguments to use it as whatever I try never seems to resize the 
original partition itself.  I also looked at system-config-lvm GUI tool, but 
that doesn't seem to allow me to make the PV any larger.

Does anyone have any suggestions?




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