[CentOS] Server HD failed and I think I am hosed

Slack-Moehrle mailinglists at mailnewsrss.com
Thu Feb 18 22:22:54 UTC 2010

a hd in my server failed. 

I noticed when I went to SSH in and get a copy of some files in /var/www/html
I tried to tar the files and I was told No, read-only file system.

I restarted and tried running FSCK manually (without -a or -p) and I get inode errors, short reads, etc.

I tried booting to my CentOS 53 install DVD. I do linux rescue and I get to where it wants to know where CentOS images are. I select local CD-ROM and it just spits it out at me and tells me to try someplace else. Even though I booted from the CD!

I am not sure what else to do. I dont think I can mount this on my macBook to do anything. But I really need just the data from /var/www/html. I have a backup that is a week old, but I know changes were made late last week that I would like to not have to do again....

Where is my backup of the changes I made? Well my SSD drive failed in my laptop and I dont think I have them...

Can anyone provide advice as to what to do next?

Also, what would have caused this all of the sudden? This box has been running fine for months. 

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