[CentOS] NFS client firewall config?

Rudi Ahlers rudiahlers at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 20:38:10 UTC 2010

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 6:40 PM, Dan Burkland <dburklan at nmdp.org> wrote:

>  NFSv4 support is already compiled into the CentOS kernel so no extra
> installation is necessary. To force NFSv4 on the server set the following
> options in /etc/sysconfig/nfs:
> a) MOUNTD_NFS_V2=”no”
> b) MOUNTD_NFS_V3=”no”
> c) RPCNFSDARGS=”-N 2 –N 3”
> Dan
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Thanx Dan,

I have done that, but it seems that either these settings don't work on
CentOS5.4, or I'm doing something wrong.

root at mars:[~]$ mount.nfs4  master1.mydomain.co.za:/ /bck
mount.nfs4: Protocol not supported

I did some google search on this, and apparently I need to change some
settings in /etc/init.d/nfs on like 97, but my /etc/init.d/nfs looks
different from those in the search results. So, I guess the search results
are related to older versions?

Here's a snippet from a google search:

edit your "/etc/init.d/nfs" file as follows:

Comment out line 97 and add the following line (which removes the -N 4.1)

        echo -n $"Starting NFS daemon: "
        # For now, turn off the nfs41 support
#       daemon rpc.nfsd -N 4.1 $RPCNFSDARGS $RPCNFSDCOUNT
        daemon rpc.nfsd $RPCNFSDARGS $RPCNFSDCOUNT

Then, restart your NFS server (service nfs restart)

It should then work (mine does)

This one site (
http://www.citi.umich.edu/projects/nfsv4/linux/using-nfsv4.html) though had
a walkthrough, but I still don't get it to work.

Any suggestions?

Kind Regards
Rudi Ahlers

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