[CentOS] NFS client firewall config?

Tom H tomh0665 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 02:00:58 UTC 2010

>>> I have done that, but it seems that either these settings don't work on
>>> CentOS5.4, or I'm doing something wrong.

>> Is the remote machine also CentOS 5? NFS v4 is a relatively recent
>> addition to Linux, so if your remote box is older, it might only be
>> capable of NFS 3. I have to do that with our old CentOS 3 boxes here.

> Yup, it's CentOS 5.4 :)

> Are both machines in the same NFSv4 domain? You need to define the domain in
> the sysconfig/nfs file.

+1; the idmapdomains have to be the same and the users accessing the
nfs share have to be "known" on the server either in its /etc/passwd
or through nis-nisplus-ldap.

Also, an nfsv4 mount invocation is different from a previous nfs
version's mount invocation.

If you are exporting
from nfsserver, you have to mount
nfsserver:/ /path/to/mountpoint
on your client

You may have to export with
but it may be assumed if there isn't a directory exported at a higher
level, but I have not tested it is assumed without.

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