[CentOS] recommendations for SMS/EMS/MMS software simulation?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Mon Feb 22 14:27:42 UTC 2010

  perhaps an open-ended request, but i'm looking for (if it even
exists) some centos 5.4 software that will let me completely simulate
the sending and reception of MMS messages on a local network which
(AFAICT) would require the simulation of the MMS centre as well

  so far, i've run across (yum-installable) gammu and i'm just
starting to take a look at it.  but if anyone out there has already
been down that road, i'm open to recommendations.  i'm just getting
immersed in the world of messaging systems and if there's something
that would allow me to simulate all of this on a local network, i
would be a deliriously happy puppy.  thanks.


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