[CentOS] creating partitions on a 2.7TB drive

Khusro Jaleel mailing-lists at kerneljack.com
Wed Feb 24 09:19:33 UTC 2010

> Yes.  Absolutely yes.  One day you'll reboot and your partition table (and 
> all your data) will be gone and unrecoverable.  Trust me.
> And that reason is that it *will* die horribly and eat your data.  Set up 
> the small logical drive in the RAID BIOS as another poster detailed so 
> nicely.  Now.  Before now.

Thanks, that is what I thought might be the case.

*sigh* It's a good thing I found this out, however I'll have to do a painful migration of the data off that drive now and re-partition, etc which is just a pain. I wish Ubuntu had *stopped* me and told me the first time that *this is not possible!*.

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