[CentOS] Desperately need help with multi-core NIC performance

Todd Denniston Todd.Denniston at tsb.cranrdte.navy.mil
Thu Feb 25 01:55:37 UTC 2010

Pete Kay wrote, On 02/24/2010 06:08 PM:
> Hi
> So is that the limit?  I have heard people being able to run like 10K
> call channels before max out CPU cap.

were those people running g.711 or something using less bandwidth?

And why are you thinking CPU cap?
What is the load average (from top or uptime)?
In top** (after pressing 1) are you seeing processors that are not idling or are in large wait states?
[purpose of these questions is to either get information for us to understand that you have a CPU
problem, or point it out to you that you don't]

** there are better applications than top for seeing where the processors are spending their time,
but my brain is mush for remembering them right now.
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