[CentOS] Desperately need help with multi-core NIC performance

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Pete Kay wrote:
> Hi
> So is that the limit?  I have heard people being able to run like 10K 
> call channels before max out CPU cap.

I would verify the network throughput of your system to make sure the NIC/switch/etc are functioning normally, I use iperf to do this, really simple tool to use just need two systems.

On a good network you should be able to sustain roughly 900+Mbit/s with standard frame sizes and iperf on a single gigE link(hopefully with no tuning)

Just for reference...
On a slightly less-then-optimal network i could get 900Mbps between an HP DL380 and an old IBM-T43, both with 1Gb nics and no tuning at all, through corporate network.

Between two DL380 with 10GB nics i got a performance boost (2500Mb -> 6500Mb) after i raised the MTU to 8K


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