[CentOS] Backup solution to backup /var/spool/imap above 150GB data

John Doe jdmls at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 25 16:43:38 UTC 2010

From: Agnello George <agnello.dsouza at gmail.com>
> is it possible with " brackup "  to back it up to a different server on the same lan   instead of /backup  . Is there any documentation on the same .

It apparently support:
  Brackup::Target::Amazon      backup to Amazon's S3 service
  Brackup::Target::CloudFiles  backup to Rackspace's CloudFiles Service
  Brackup::Target::Filesystem  backup to a locally mounted filesystem
  Brackup::Target::Ftp         backup to an FTP server
  Brackup::Target::Sftp        backup to an SSH/SFTP server
So, you could use ftp or sftp...



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