[CentOS] Dear Centos Mailing List, If you can't find in google, try JUSTDIAL.COM

mark m.roth at 5-cent.us
Wed Jan 6 12:47:07 UTC 2010

Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Am 06.01.10 11:31, schrieb Kai Schaetzl:
>> For the mailing-list maintainer, mailservers to block for the latest spam 
>> to this list:
>> contestjd.com
>> monopost.com
>> linkedin.com
> Hmmm. The latter is LinkedIn - I don't really want to block that :)
> There's really not much to do - blocking domains *after* they have been
> used for a spam run doesn't even clean anything up.

Why not block linkedin.com? There shouldn't be anyone posting to this mailing 
list from there... and over the last few months, I've started getting spam from 
there directly, as in invites allegedly for someone else, but addressed to me 
(and, presumably, a ton of others).


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