[CentOS] unattended fsck on reboot

Alan McKay alan.mckay at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 17:19:21 UTC 2010

Hey folks,

I searched the list archives and found this :

echo "AUTOFSCK_TIMEOUT=5" > /etc/sysconfig/autofsck
echo "AUTOFSCK_DEF_CHECK=yes" >> /etc/sysconfig/autofsck


Will this do all disks?

I want to do a reboot of a couple of systems during our maintenance
window and fsck them, but would rather try it from home first and not
go to the data center.  Then of course rush there like a madman if
they don't come back up :-)

There was a suggestion in the 2nd thread above that with ext3 this
should not be required with proper hardware (my paraphrase).   I'm
using all IBM stuff - x3550, x3650, x3800 and some of the earlier
models like x330.  I can't imagine this being an issue.   But
nonetheless I do have some issues on a couple of systems that look
like they need fsck'ing


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