[CentOS] 8-15 TB storage: any recommendations?

Max Hetrick maxhetrick at verizon.net
Wed Jan 6 21:40:27 UTC 2010

Boris Epstein wrote:

> This is not directly related to CentOS but still: we are trying to set 
> up some storage servers to run under Linux - most likely CentOS. The 
> storage volume would be in the range specified: 8-15 TB. Any 
> recommendations as far as hardware?

Why not just get a SAN appliance, and then attach it to your CentOS 
server with iSCSI. My company is getting ready to do the same. We have 
the hardware in place, just haven't had time to hook it all up and spin 
the thing up. We purchased an IBM SAN, and then we'll attach it to an 
older xSeries 235 server running CentOS.

Or are you looking for some cheaper solutions?


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