[CentOS] Dear Centos Mailing List, If you can't find in google, try JUSTDIAL.COM

Jake Shipton jakems at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Jan 7 10:56:54 UTC 2010

Oh, that's just great, I finally get my Thunderbird, filtering nicely,
and everything, rarely see spam.. it was all "Thunderbirds are Go!"...
and then.. it pops in through mailing list :| Didn't see that one
coming. (I have my mailing list on full mode, rather than digest, which
is why I'm a tad late to the "party" :p (Personal preference)

Thankfully mailing list spam is rare :-).

As for blocking "known" spam addresses, trust me, that really does not
work. Tried doing that oh, so many times with my inbox(s), in the end I
just set up specific "word" filtering, which basically, if an email
comes through with known common words used for spam (Such as your bank
account is insecure, change your online password etc from banks I'm not
even with :| Even if I was signed up with the bank, I would check the
link first see where it really goes :-)) (Staying smart is the best way
to not get conned ;-) )

But if you want to truly block spam, you'll need to block out all
accounts from: gmail, hotmail, yahoo & any other free provider, but
clearly that cannot happen for fairly obvious reasons :| Though if you
don't already block out all the "temporary" 1 hour or 10 minute inbox
providers then go block those ;-)

But to be honest, one spam message on the list, isn't bad, it could of
actually been a "human bot" basically, a someone who actually sends spam
rare now, but it still goes on :-), when it's actually people sending
the spam, it's hard to block.

No need to go around rushing for spam filtering at this moment of time
in my opinion, one or two messages can slip through any mailing list,
heck could even slip through the "worlds most spam blocking machine" (If
there is one). It happens. Also, everyone has to apply to the mailing
list (I assume), which helps prevent spam on it's own. Until you guys
start getting regular spam, there's nothing to worry about :-)

I'm gonna stop now, before I put you guys "asleep" :-D. Surprised you
read this far though. :-D Also gotta close the window, before the snow
makes my window shelf white. (Or gets into my comp) (It's snowing here :-D)

Just my 2p (Or rather, rambling on lol.)


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