[CentOS] Laptop for CentOS-5

Eero Volotinen eero.volotinen at iki.fi
Thu Jan 7 19:43:01 UTC 2010

> Another alternitive is an older model IBM Thinkpad -- they have
> *Intel's* wireless adapters built-in -- Intel's wireless adaptors are
> the most painless wireless adapters in existence since they are
> supported by an open-source driver that is included with the base
> kernel distro.  Almost all others require all sorts of fun and games to
> get working under Linux.

I think that Thinkpad W-series is the best of Linux laptops, it is still 
sad that they are using ati card instead of nvidia.

My work computer is fujitsu-siemens celsius H250, it is very good but 
build quality is poor ..

Usually this kind of laptops can take up to 8GB of main memory.


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