[CentOS] Laptop for CentOS-5

Jake Shipton jakems at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Jan 8 02:26:35 UTC 2010

On 07/01/10 18:37, James B. Byrne wrote:
> I have a defective HP-Compaq nx9420 and so I am looking to replace
> it.  I have pretty much decided to buy no further MicroSoft based
> products and would very much like to hear recommendations for a
> suitable notebook host to provide me with Linux based alternative.
> Given that all the basic functionality required is provided, the
> main thing that I am looking for is reliability of the host itself. 
> I do a deal of traveling so physical robustness is an issue.  But I
> also use my notebook for hours at a time, generally every day. This
> means that I am typically on a/c current rather than batteries and
> that power regulation and heat dissipation are also concerns.  The
> power regulator circuit is in fact what I believe has failed on the
> nx9420.
> Not infrequently I have the notebook on my chest or lap while
> working at home.  So the ventilation clearances provided by a flat
> desk support are frequently absent and the notebook design must
> accommodate this.
> I would like to use CentOs as this is what I am most familiar with. 
> But, I am open to CentOS alternatives like Ubuntu or even a
> non-Linux alternative like a PowerMac with OS-X.
> I have already looked at the Dell site on the basis of a friends
> recommendation. While Dell mentions Ubuntu is available for some of
> their notebook computers they do not seem to provide any way to
> actually configure a system with it.
> So, my desires are:
> Robust construction
> Reliable quality
> Reasonable weight (< 2.5 kg all in)
> Supported sound and video reproduction of reasonable quality
> 15-17" lcd screen
> Out-of-the-box support for wireless networking
> Battery life > 2.0 hrs.
> Not MS-Windows
> 64 bit
> core duo 2
> 2-4+ Gb RAM
> 120+ Gb HDD
> writable multi-mode DVD/CD drive
> CentOS-5+
> Your system suggestions, both for hardware and OS, are most welcome.
I'm not really into the whole laptop market scene my self, so I'm not
going to suggest any hardware. However, I do wonder, why you don't
simply buy a laptop that suits your needs, then simply wipe the OS off?
(If it was the evil that is MS on it)

Though it may get price changes (Due to MS Tax), but sometimes I find in
laptops the price tax isn't all that high any more.

For example, you could get choose a Windoze machine, but before buying,
look into the technical details, then Google the parts to see what will
work and what won't and if need be, choose another :-).

As for OS Choice, my personal preferences are:

Absolutely needs reliability (Such as Server): CentOS/RHEL
General Use (Such as Standard PC): Fedora (Latest, upgrade as soon as
new one is out)

I've never used Mac OSX so I have no comments with it :-)

Just my 2c :-)


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