[CentOS] 8-15 TB storage: any recommendations?

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Fri Jan 8 11:33:39 UTC 2010

Karanbir Singh schrieb:
> On 01/08/2010 01:58 AM, Christopher Chan wrote:
>>> the thumpers make for decent backup or vtl type roles, not so much for
>>> online high density storage.
>> I wonder how much that would change with a bbu NVRAM card for an
>> external journal for ext4 and the disks on md. Unless one cannot add a
>> bbu NVRAM card...
> Good question, they are after all ( the Sun 45xx's ) just opteron box's 
> with a mostly standard build. Finding a CentOS compatible ( drivers 
> pre-included, and not crap like cciss ) would not be too hard.

With ZFS, the whole machine is the RAID-controller (basically).
NVRAM in ZFS would be used for L2ARC.
Of course, this ask for a sane system-desgin (which the thumpers do
have, as mentioned - AFAIK, there are virtually no off-the-shelf
motherboads that can offer the thumper's distribution of SATA-channels
over HT-links.

CentOS wouldn't run bad on such a motherboard, either (and RHEL is


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