[CentOS] Apache/Cluster issue -- Single public IP address

avi at myphonebook.co.in avi at myphonebook.co.in
Fri Jan 8 16:28:20 UTC 2010

I want to set up a cluster that is used for web hosting (RHCS cluster). Recently,
I experimented with a 2 node cluster and was able to run it successfully. However,
I have started facing some issues with Apache, which I had configured as a service
using the Cluster configuration tool. To do this Apache needs a floating IP address.
This address is in addition to the network interface IP address. For example if my
NIC IP is, then I need as a floating IP address, and this
has to be bound to apache. At least this is what I understood after several hours
of experimentation. I also figured that if I configured as a cluster
resource and bound it to apache, the cluster manager failed to start apache and the
NIC was put "off". ( In effect was removed from the NIC ). 

However, the Apache service ran fine when bound to the ADDITIONAL IP i.e.
( the floating IP ).

The above example was just a lab setup to test the cluster.

My problem is that I only have a single public IP address, to serve my web server
and my question is this:

Is this the end of the road, for installing apache as a service with ONE public IP

I am willing to give further info, if required. 

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