[CentOS] Apache/Cluster issue -- Single public IP address

avi at myphonebook.co.in avi at myphonebook.co.in
Fri Jan 8 17:35:52 UTC 2010

nate <centos at linuxpowered.net> wrote ..
> avi at myphonebook.co.in wrote:
> > Is this the end of the road, for installing apache as a service with ONE
> > public IP
> > address??
> You sure you have the right solution? Using RHCS for web serving
> seems really complicated, I would use a load balancer instead. Myself
> I have most experience with F5 gear but there is LVS on linux(never
> used it). With load balancers you can often offload things like
> SSL, compression, etc. It makes life much easier for scaling, since
> you can have multiple systems serving content for the same public
> IP, and add/remove more at will, really trivial to manage.
> Depends on the size of your cluster..
> http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/csgfs/browse/rh-cs-en/pt-lvs.html
> nate

 I have used LVS before. I wanted to use RHCS for an ISCSI-SAN setup, with GFS.

 LVS can work with RHCS. Cannot afford F5's. Am in the process of trying out 

 RHCS with LVS. Otherwise I will fall back on LVS with Mysql replication across nodes.

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