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> Only tangentially on topic, at best...
> Given a pile of html files, comprising chapters of a book, with a single
> html file that serves as a table of contents to the group, how would I
> turn the entire book into a single PDF? 
> I can't think of a way to do that, all I can come up with would result
> in a pile of PDFs, one per html. But there's gotta be a better way.
> Suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance!
> (doing this on Linux, of course, which makes it slightly on topic.)

Hmmm.  How did you come to have the book chapters in HTML?  If you
really wrote the book in HTML (?!?), then one way to go would be to
convert the HTML to LaTeX somehow.  (Maybe using xslt or something.) 
The use the index html file to create a main LaTeX file that would
\include{} each chapter, then run it through pdflatex.  Presto, one big
PDF file.  And it will look 1000x better than the HTML will every look.

> Fred

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