[CentOS] Setup multiple bridges for use with KVM

Jacob Hydeman jhydeman at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 02:15:14 UTC 2010

Running CentOS 5.4 x64.

Have successfully bridged eth2 with br2 by following the instructions here:
http://wiki.libvirt.org/page/Networking (under the RHEL section)

Have been running several KVM VMs successfully via this bridge.

I am now trying to bridge additional interfaces by using the same routine.
Each bridge is named to correspond with the ethX device its bridged with.

Example of ifcfg-eth0 script:

then of ifcfg-br0 script:

This is repeated 3 times for eth0-eth2 and br0-br2.

I've read somewhere that STP needs to be enabled when using multiple
bridges. I've tried adding STP=on to the ifcfg-brX scripts but with the same
result. Yes, brctl shows that STP is on.

The original bridge eth2-br2 continues to work but I can't get any traffic
across any other bridge. Either by dhcp or static ips.

Is multiple bridges a possibility?

Previous to moving to KVM I was running Xen Server on the same hardware. I
am just trying to recreate the network setup I had. I believe Xen Server
runs on top of a linux platform so such a thing should be possible.


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