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>Between compression and pooling, I get about 10x the raw data being archived
>with backuppc - it beats juggling tapes and you can let the users access the
>backups of their own machine through a web interface.  There are some down 
>to plan around though: the compression takes some CPU and is slower than a 
>rsync run, and the pooling is done with hardlinks which forces the archive to 
>on a single filesystem and makes it hard to duplicate for offsite copies.
>There's an RPM in epel that is easy to install on Centos.

Sound very interesting indeed!

I don't think the performance will be a problem, the server's a calculation 
machine that has now been scrapped running a dual-xeon at 2,something GHz and 
some 4GB RAM IIRC. Do you think the software-raid5 array used, would be a 
problem in this case?

I've never had any problems with software raid5 in linux before, but you never 
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