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Sorin Srbu sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se
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>Do you currently need that disk space for something else?

No, I don't. This'd be a dedicated backup server.

>If not, then there is no reason to get rid of the old files.  An empty disk 
>a wasted disk, so you would be creating free space on a perfectly good
>disk that you already paid for.  Having blank space gains you nothing,
>but deleting  a file that you could need in 6 months might cost you.
>Pick a percentage of the disk that you are comfortable using for
>backups, and then let the backups grow to that size.  Only when you
>reach that size or need the space for something with a higher priority
>should you worry about recovering the space.

Valid points indeed.

The linux users here create about 50-100GB of data per day. Not all of that 
data is needed in six months of course, as most of it is only transient and is 
afterwards put through some other program(s) and so on. Add to that a user 
reluctance to actually delete old un-needed data and me not knowing when/if I 
actually can delete stuff, and 2TB will fill up pretty quick. In the best of 
worlds these two terabytes I have available will be enough for a year. 
Hopefully longer... 8-/

To summarise, in my environment, it's not actually the diskspace filling up 
that is the real problem, it's how *fast* it fills up.

I'm kinda' trying to both eat the cookie and have it left, as it were. 8-}
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