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Sorin Srbu sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se
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>If you have any opportunity to change things, I'd get some larger drives
and use
>raid1 or 0+1.  If you want offsite copies, a workable approach in the 2TB
>is to make a 3-member raid1 where you periodically swap the 3rd drive (in
>internal or external swappable sata enclosure).   If you don't need that, a
>drive 0+1 raid of 1.5 TB drives would give you 3TB and better performance.
>you have will work - but it will limit performance.

Nice idea, but no budget. Sorry. Maybe next year. This year is for getting
this thing started at all, and get the backups going. Therefore I opted for
most possible space with some redundancy. Not the best solution, but

>> As it is now, the 2TB shebang is mounted as /backup. Does that count as a
>> single filesystem?
>Yes, but if you use the epel rpm, either mount it at /var/lib/BackupPC or
put a
>symlink there before the install.   If you install from the sourceforge
>there is an install script that modifies the location so you can put things
>where you want, but the rpm packages have already done that.  The next
>will make this easier to change but the current one needs to stay in the
>location set when the package was built.

It'll probably be epel. Symlink's probably the easiest way to do it. Thanks
for the hint.
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