[CentOS] unison versus rsync

Toby Bluhm tkb at alltechmedusa.com
Thu Jan 14 19:03:16 UTC 2010

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>> Another feature of rsync modules that can be useful is that each module can
>> specify a user and group thus one can rsync user directories between
>> systems where the user names are the same but uid and gid may differ.
> I have been looking at this all morning. Is there any way to auth with keys
> or something unique so I can script this securely? Iiuc, the only auth is done
> through these rsync user/pass pairs unless you do it with hosts etc.

I was also looking at unison/rsync to solve a problem, came across this, 
has potential for me.


I may have to connect to a Windows box - I'm not excited about that. 
I've made it work on Windows before - just dislike the inherent extra 
layer of setup glop one has to go through to do it.


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