[CentOS] quotacheck question

Aggelis Aggelis aggelis at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 11:06:58 UTC 2010

i want to implement disk quota on my /home filesystem (it is going to be a
mail server) so i
read tha appropriate how to's
edited limits for the users and everything is fine

but then for quota meintenance i stuck into quotacheck

the man page says

quotacheck  should  be  run  each time the system boots and mounts non-
       valid filesystems.  This is most likely to happen after a system


It  is  also  unwise  to run quotacheck on a live
       filesystem as actual usage may change  during  the  scan.   To
       this,  quotacheck  tries  to  remount  the  filesystem read-only
       starting the scan.  After the scan is done it remounts  the

but the 7.2.3 paragraph (Managing disk quotas) of centos 5 deployment guide

...... However, quotacheck can be run on a regular basis, even if the system
has not crashed. Running the following command periodically keeps the quotas
more accurate .......

i have looked also on the web

and some suggest to run quotacheck only at boot time

and others to run quotacheck regularly but i ahve not found a clear answer

i wonder what are the comments of centos community on hte subject
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