[CentOS] Backup server

Benjamin Franz jfranz at freerun.com
Fri Jan 15 13:43:14 UTC 2010

Sorin Srbu wrote:
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>> I was thinking about your long term here. Make sure to use LVM  to
>> create your underlaying partition. Then you can add disk space in the
>> future without having to reformat everything and  can just grow your
>> ext3/ext4 partition instead.
> With six drives installed, there is no more space to add more drives in the 
> chassis. But thanks for the hint!

Oh, one last thing. Don't forget to use the '-E 
stride=XX,stripe-width=YY (where XX and YY are replaced with the 
appropriate values) options creating your filesystem on the RAID. 
Otherwise your disk drive usage will have 'hot spots' and slower than 
optimal speed. Do a man mke2fs to understand how to use them correctly.

Benjamin Franz

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