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Götz Reinicke - IT-Koordinator goetz.reinicke at filmakademie.de
Mon Jan 18 15:03:51 UTC 2010

Stephen Harris schrieb:
> On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 02:39:37PM +0100, G?tz Reinicke - IT-Koordinator wrote:
>> how are mails forwarded, if I do have the same alias pointing to two
>> different users like this (two entries, two lines):
>> bon.aqua: coke
>> bon.aqua: pepsi
> That will not work.
>> Will coke and pepsi get the mail adressed to bon.aqua or will only the
>> first entry get the mail?
> You'll get a warning message
>   $ grep testme /etc/aliases
>   testme: user1
>   testme: user2
>   $ newaliases
>   /etc/aliases: line 105: testme... Warning: duplicate alias name testme
>   /etc/aliases: 80 aliases, longest 10 bytes, 812 bytes total

:-) It must be monday ... I've looked up the warning (what I could have
done before posting) and:


24.4.4 Duplicate Entries and Automation

Ordinarily, duplicate local names on the left-hand side of the colon in
an alias file will result in an error. For example, consider this
abstract from an aliases file:

    staff: bob
    staff: george

Running newaliases on this file would produce the following error
message and would cause the first entry to be ignored:

    Warning: duplicate alias name george


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