[CentOS] OT: free DNS service?

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Mon Jan 18 15:39:44 UTC 2010


> I have been using a free DNS service for the past seven (7) years.
> This morning, at 4 A.M., ,  I changed the "A" record for one 
> of my web sites,  to point to an IP address on a different 
> server, so I could test. After watching the TTL count down 
> from 3600 to zero, with the "dig" command,  it then reset to 
> 3600, but still resolved to the
> original IP address.  :-)   I set the "A" record back to the original
> IP address and  filed a Support Ticket with that company, but 
> if they cannot get this to work properly again, I need a new 
> DNS service that is free. Recommendations?  (BTW, the Domain 
> is registered with GoDaddy, but not hosted there, so it 
> appears I cannot use their "Total DNS" service).  TIA!
> Lanny


there are "many" other factors involved in DNS and it's distribution &

one thing is that virtually every machine has it's own resolver and
typically a cache of some sort...

it is early so i may not be using specifically precise terms...

so, when you make a dns change properly on a serving system, it still has to
get distributed and that doesnt mean that every machine that has a resolver
or cache has changed at that instant... it can take more time than you

until the cache in the resolver on that system is updated, changed, flushed,
refreshed, whatever etc... it doesnt need to go get an update...

example only: so, like on a windwos box, you can down the ethernet and bring
it back up and walla walla!

on linux boxes, there are various things you can do there...

exercise left up to the reader

 - rh

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