[CentOS] About GLOBAL vars

Alberto García Gómez alberto at ipimtzcm.rimed.cu
Tue Jan 19 17:17:03 UTC 2010

Thanks friend, but I don't what I supouse to do there...can you give me an 
example for this case:

# ./path/to/pear/pear


# pear

Thanks a lot

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> I install XAMPP in a server and know I want some binaries run as they were
> part of the system (I reaaly don't know if this correct). So I need
> that -pear- -pecl- and others run as:
> #pear install [PACKAGE]
> and not
> #cd /path/to/pear/ && ./pear install [PACKAGE]

Add /path/to/bin to the PATH variable.
See examples in /etc/profile.d/


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