[CentOS] followup to request for centos C/W

fabien faye fabien at faye.eu
Wed Jan 20 20:43:44 UTC 2010

Like i have understood, xen could be also present and support on RHEL6 and in this case, it could be supported until the cycle of RHEL 6. 
But is it preferable to migrate all your xen to kvm in a near furtur.

Kvm is a REDHAT project and REDHAT want to put all ressources to improve and develop KVM instead of xen.

Fabien FAYE 

On 1/20/10 7:14 PM, fabien faye wrote:
> I can confirm, after my last discussion with Redhat, is it better to learn KVM.
> Xen is going to die on redhat and centos in some years.

In some years? It is supported until support cycle is over.

So, in RHEL 5.4 due date is: 31 Mar 2014

Anyway, the same gui tools works for xen and kvm also..

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