[CentOS] trouble shooting slow ssh logins

Geoff Galitz geoff at galitz.org
Fri Jan 22 12:09:10 UTC 2010

> > The ipv6 line was strange but I read a while back, some tech note
> > about ensuring that is your last line in hosts.

Perhaps IPv6 is enabled.  I had a few instances where I turned it off during
install, but found it enabled at runtime. I had assumed I was being careless
during install... but perhaps this a bug.

Check the interface using ifconfig to see what it's status is.

In terms of tools for debugging, I would use strace/truss after using the -v
switch to ssh.  Strace and truss will show you what system functions are
being called during application runtime (by the ssh client, in this case).


Geoff Galitz
Blankenheim NRW, Germany

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