[CentOS] Corporate drop box for files

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Fri Jan 22 17:08:23 UTC 2010

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>> Some form of a webDAV, possibly 'skinned', comes to mind, as 
>> shared rights and ACL are well defined and readily supported; 
>> Clients in every Linux, OS/X or Windows release in active 
>> support [also on my iTouch and related portible devices], so 
>> far as I know; server side is trivial; uses the 'universal 
>> firewall traversal protocol on TCP/80 (plaintext) and TCP/443 
>> (TLS) ;)
> Is it actually called "skinned"? Sounds like what I need...

DAV aka WebDAV is just a protocol built on top of http for 
reading/writing files with access control and locks, on Linux, the 
server is typically implemented with apache and mod_dav...

the skinning he was referring to undoubtably revolves around building 
html/css templates for your webdav 'site'    I'd imagine that you'd want 
to implement a simple web front end for this for casual users to 
upload/download single files for users who don't want to configure a 
webdav client.

another somewhat different approach would be to use a wiki like dokuwiki 
as your file storage.    doku has authentication, supports as complex a 
user/group structure as you care to build, and I believe you can setup a 
regimented file storage area where different user groups have access to 
different sets of files.   Doing it this way, all user interactions with 
your file repository would be via web browser.

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