[CentOS] Centos security sshv1

Alejandro Rodriguez Luna el_alexluna at yahoo.com.mx
Fri Jan 22 18:33:57 UTC 2010

Hi all!

I was scanning my servers with nmap, ( i have installed ssh), and the result gave me this:

22/tcp open ssh
sshv1: Server Supports SSHv1

ssh-keyhost: 1024 ea:7e:77:b7:a1:78:18:70:6c:46:ee:a0:dd:08:0e:74 (RSA1) 
ba:d0:8a:44:16:fc:7c:7a:38:24:2e:72:06:fe:99:56 (DSA) 
ff:43:15:78:98:3c:75:f9:12:36:58:92:46:6c:1c:99 (RSA) 

could this be a threat for intruders?

i know that sshv1 should be avoided, but all i want to know is if with that information, a intruder could compromise my server?

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