[CentOS] Automatically check into SVN?

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> Subject: [CentOS] Automatically check into SVN?
> I would like to automatically check in a directory to SVN, to
> maintain the changes that area made to those txt files over
> time. These files are configuration files, and it would be
> good to be able to revert back by simply checking out the
> older versions. But I would to check in the files every files
> minutes, and I'm sure SVN will not use up any disc space,
> unless there are any changes.
> I already have an svn server up and running in production -- Any help?

You might get more luck in the users at subversion.apache.org ML.

Maybe you can have a cron job that check the status of the WC and if there are any changes commits them. But you run the risk to commit changes while you're still working on the files.

Why can't you manually commit the changes?


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