[CentOS] Firewire issues with CentOS/RH?

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Tue Jan 26 00:06:37 UTC 2010

MHR wrote:
> I read in another forum that CentOS has problems with Firewire drives,
> something along the lines of whenever a new kernel is booted, the
> drives are gone.
> Can anyone elaborate on that?  I don't use Firewire drives (at all,
> yet), but information about this would be nice to have....

Not personally experienced that issue, but when using kino to import 
from my dv camera, it almost always crashed in CentOS whenever doing 
anything that needed talking to the camera, but works *almost* 
flawlessly in Ubuntu. Same version of kino, some of libs built against 
may be different, but the biggest difference was firewire subsystem and 
firewire is where the crashes happened.

My firewire ipod however worked well in CentOS (until the ipod broke), 
so the issue may have been kino just working better with modern firewire 
subsystem than what CentOS has.

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