[CentOS] Bash script for backup

John Doe jdmls at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 26 11:06:09 UTC 2010

From: Alan Hoffmeister <alangtk at gmail.com>
> I need a script that will backup & compress the folder /media/system in 
> the folder /media/backups
> But that's not the problem, I need that only the last 7 backups (last 7 
> days, yeah I know, cronjob...) will stay in that folder...
> The script need:
> 1 - Compress folder /media/system
> 2 - Store in /media/backups
> 3 - Name the compressed backup like day_month_year.tar.gzip
> 4 - Check the other backups and delete backups older than 7 days..

Either name the backups backup.`date +"%u"`.
The old files will automaticaly be overwritten by the new ones...
Or just after the backup, do something like (untested):
  find /media/backups -ctime +7 -delete



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