[CentOS] any significant differences between centos and OEL?

Geoff Galitz geoff at galitz.org
Tue Jan 26 11:24:14 UTC 2010

> > CentOS support, so we don't impact RH's business. Oracle on the
> > other hand DOES offer paid support, which impacts RH's business, and
> > I don't see any substantive attempts by oracle to give anything back
> > to the community at large.

Just to be fair to Oracle on this count, they do give to the community:

- Free OS:  OEL
- Free databases (no cost):  Oracle XE
- Free cluster/parallel filesystems:  OCFS2
- And quite a bit more... all available at oss.oracle.com

In terms of OEL, the technical details all revolve around a RH based Linux
that can run Oracle with pre-tuned parameters (memory settings, disk buffers
and so on).  

They also support other OS distributions including Debian (*) and Solaris.

* DISCLAIMER: I have customers (and therefore a business relationship with
Oracle) that run Oracle XE on Debian Lenny.


Geoff Galitz
Blankenheim NRW, Germany

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