[CentOS] Postfix 2.6.5 in CentOSplus?

Eero Volotinen eero.volotinen at iki.fi
Wed Jan 27 10:00:49 UTC 2010

2010/1/27 Dirk H. Schulz <dirk.schulz at kinzesberg.de>:
> Joseph L. Casale schrieb:
>>> according to several findings on the web I tried to find postfix-2.6.5
>> If you actually need a feature in 2.6.5, Simon Mudd has been releasing them
>> officially for postfix for ages...
>> http://www.postfix.org/packages.html Which leads to ->
>> http://ftp.wl0.org/official/2.6/RPMS-rhel5-x86_64/
> Afaik they are 64bit packages, and besides that he adds mysql support
> and patches I do not know (and hopefully not need).
> I tried using the spec file from the regular CentOS postfix src.rpm to
> rpmbuild 2.6.5 with it (I just changed version numbering in the spec).
> That did not work, applying some patches failed. Has anybody tried that
> successfully before?
> I do not want to end up compiling manually on a production machine, but
> I am not deep enough into rpmbuilding to tweak my own spec file.

try to download this:

and then just rpmbuild it:

rpmbuild --rebuild postfix-2.6.5-1.src.rpm

Maybe it works, currently I don't have 32bit centos available for testing..


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