[CentOS] High l-avg with centos 4.8 on G2 only

Tue Jan 5 15:51:54 UTC 2010
fortin.pierre at bell.ca <fortin.pierre at bell.ca>


We deployed centos 4.8 on HP DL380 G2, G3 and G4 servers (same number of cpus). The same software is running on all servers.
Only on G2 servers we see a low cpu utilization combined with high load-average.
For example, during the same time of day and same workload, on a G2 I see a l-avg of 11.31 and on a G4 I see 2.68.

The server response time seems unchanged and we don't have any problem with it so far, but I need to figure out why the l-avg remains high.
We were running redhad AS 3 before, and the l-avg was low on all server type.

Anyone have an idea where I should look.
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