[CentOS] mutt execution by daemon

Sat Jan 2 08:42:40 UTC 2010
Jose Maria Terry Jimenez <jtj at tssystems.net>

El 02/01/10 9:08, Joseph L. Casale escribió:
>> Hello
>> I'm doing this way, i run an script from cron. Sending several
>> attachments to several addresses with a text in the email's body.
>> In the script called by cron put:
>> EDITOR=touch mutt -s "Here the subject" -F /home/user/.muttrc -i
>> /usr/local/bin/body_text.txt -a /tmp/attachment1 -a /tmp/attachement2 -b
>> address1 at someplace.com address2 at someserver.com
>> addressN at anyserver.com</dev/null
>> And .muttrc:
>> set from=sender_email at somesite.com
>> set envelope_from=yes
>> set realname="Sender's Name"
>> Hope this helps you
>> Best
> Hi,
> That's similar to what I am doing, but "user" has a local mailbox, correct?
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Well, the user can receive mail locally if another mails using his name 
in the host. ie if user_one does "mail user_two" then the user can write 
mail to "user_two" but i don't know how to prevent this. The users 
hasn't other kind of mailbox.

Do you mean this?

Remember i run from user's cron and i specify the shell, mailto, path... 
to be used there... I think it would work even if i set the shell to 
/bin/false to that user. Is this what you mean?

Jose Maria

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