[CentOS] Laptop for CentOS-5

Fri Jan 8 15:35:27 UTC 2010
Eero Volotinen <eero.volotinen at iki.fi>

Quoting Tait Clarridge <tait at clarridge.ca>:

>> How about Thinkpad W500 ? It is a bit expensive, but .. with UBuntu or
>> OpenSUSE os.
>> --
>> Eero
> I can second this, I recently obtained a Thinkpad W500 and it has been
> working flawlessly under Fedora 12. I will hazard a guess that the
> wireless may not work out of the box in CentOS, but everything else
> *should* be fine.
> Plus, with a screen that gets to 1900x1200 I no longer require a second
> monitor.
> The one I have has:
> Core2Duo T9900 @ 3.06GHz
> 6GB PC3-6500 DDR3
> 320GB 7200 RPM drive
> Fedora 12 is nice because it supports almost everything out of the box,
> sounds works 100%, network 100%... etc. The only thing that doesn't work
> is the fingerprint reader because fprintd doesn't have support for the
> device (I had the same problem on my Toshiba Tecra A10).
> Also, as far as I have read, Fedora 11/12 will be the base for the
> upcoming RHEL 6 and therefore CentOS 6.x so theoretically if it works in
> F12, you will be alright for the next CentOS release.

Well, centos is not optimal system for laptop due to old drivers and so on.

Personally I prefer ubuntu, fedora or opensuse on laptops.. or OSX.