[CentOS] 8-15 TB storage: any recommendations?

Sun Jan 10 16:19:19 UTC 2010
JohnS <jses27 at gmail.com>

On Sat, 2010-01-09 at 07:14 -0800, nate wrote:
> JohnS wrote:
> > Interesting link for info  there.  I found [1] and at the bottom of the
> > page there is like tidbits of info in PDFs of the different models.  Any
> > idea where I could get more info than that, like data sheets and case
> > studies.
> Not online at least, note the "Confidential" stuff at the bottom of
> every page I believe that data isn't supposed to be online, I have copies
> myself but don't post them directly.
> They are more than happy to give this information to you directly
> though, not sure why they sort of try to protect it from public view,
> but it's a common practice, I can't recall ever seeing a data sheet on
> any storage array that showed it's performance numbers, unlike network
> gear which often is filled with performance related information.
> If your referring to the E and S series arrays they are roughly half
> the performance of the F and T series. I don't believe E and S are
> being sold anymore as new systems, when the T came out for example it
> was only about 10-15% more than the S, and you get a ton more in
> performance, addressable capacity, and features than the S(or E),
> making it fairly pointless to go with an S or an E. I also suggest against
> the F200 as well, their systems are at their best when you have more
> than two controllers, any system can run on only two, so the extra
> online scalability comes at a small premium and gives good peace of
> mind, even if you never add the extra controllers.
> > My main problem is bandwidth and workload.  Another problem is I am
> > being told there is such a thing as Triple Disk Mirroring.  Then I am
> > being told that there is not and all it is only Raid 1 with just
> > Replication to another Volume Set, sorta like a LVM Snapshot so to
> > speak.  Last thing is I am told GE is just rebranded Brocade.  Thanks
> > for the info & link.
> There absolutely is triple mirroring, and probably quadruple as well,
> but most systems don't support it. Synchronous(and/or/both asynchronous)
> replication is of course available as well. Triple mirroring really
> is a waste of resources when your performing RAID at a sub-disk
> level like they(and some others IBM XIV, Compellent, Xiotech) do. True
> data availability would come from synchronous replication(up to 130
> miles away I think is the limit, latency is the reason, ~1.3ms is max)
> to another system.
> I'm not sure what "GE"(makes me think of General Electric) is but there
> are quite a few re branded Brocade switches out there, and probably
> Qlogic as well.
> Their latest code release 2.3.1 just went GA yesterday, been shipping
> on new boxes for a few weeks, largest software update in the company's
> 10 year history, some pretty impressive new things, some of which I
> can't talk about just yet but they're more than happy to tell you in
> person.
> I've been waiting for over a year for it myself so am pretty
> excited, upgrading next weekend.
> Getting kind of OT though if you want more info email me off-list,
> always happy to talk about this kind of stuff I love fancy technology.
> nate
Sure, will later on in the day.