[CentOS] [OT ] Re: Laptop for CentOS-5

Mon Jan 11 19:08:57 UTC 2010
Mathieu Baudier <mbaudier at argeo.org>

> In case anyone is interested in the result of the advice and
> discussion that my query generated, I bought a Macintosh PowerBook
> on Saturday.

My understanding is that PowerBook are (were) based on PPC
architecture and are not sold by Apple anymore.
Since you talk about Mac OS 10.6 (aka. Snow Leopard) I assume that you
bought an intel-based one, so I guess this is either a MacBook or a
MacBook Pro.

(I still have an old PowerBook 12'' running Fedora 11 PPC, that I
don't really use anymore but we went through a lot of weird countries
and experiences together, so I keep it and let my 1.5 year son play
with it from time to time... Sorry for the sentimental OT)

> Anyway, these minor points aside (although if the AirPort
> connectivity issue is not resolved then that will be a show-stopper)
> I seem to have been captured by the light side.  We will have to see
> if I escape or become assimilated.

If I may give you an advice: before you have configured to much on the
Mac OS side, please repartition it and leave a 20/50 GB space on it
(at the end)

This is very very manageable to use Linux on these computers, Fedora
and even CentOS (see my previous posts, and our discussion off-list),
but a sticky point is the repartioning. Very often the simplest way is
to reinstall MacOS (there are other ways though). So even if you don't
plan to use Linux on it on the short time, just leave some space for
it now on the harddrive. As long as you have done that, Linux
installation is painless (using rEFIT) and safe for your MacOS

(and the terminal is quite good on Linux...)

Feel free to contact me offlist or open a new thread if I can help you
with that (as I told you before, this is on my TODO list to add
documentation regarding Mactels on the CentOS wiki)

My 20$ (at least)